6 Steps for Accomplishing any Goal

So, you had created a goal for yourself and listed the benefits that you would be gaining by accomplishing that goal in the near future. You start off successfully and then slowly you dread the goal. You start to think that you oversimplified the goal and now it is too difficult to practically accomplish it. And, this keeps happening for most of the important goals you are setting in your life.
Not too long, did I have the same feeling. I was enthusiastic on pursuing an online course, which was going to help me with my future goal of starting a side income for myself. I was all pumped up and I paid a huge sum of money to enroll in the course. The course was about to start in some time and I was going gaga over it in online forums and during discussions with family and friends.
The course started and I completed the initial few assignments and projects fairly well. And then slowly I got a dreadful feeling about the assignments. I was dragging myself to learn and finish off the projec…
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